Update December 11, 2023

Our translator has told us that food is not coming into Gaza. But Saeed who has led over 500 animals in his care, along with his rescue volunteers, to South Gaza, still needs money to eventually buy human food for the animals and it’s very expensive.

He is also trying to buy donkeys to relieve them of the heavy work.

One of several rescued by Saeed.

Regarding our rescue friends in Israel, in addition to adopting out and treating many of the dogs and cats from Gaza, dozens of cats and dogs are waiting for Doron, their veterinary nurse who has been held captive by Hamas, to come back. The dire situation remains beyond comprehension. Your donations have helped everyone involved with saving the innocent animals victimized by the war. Thank you for your continued support.

Update November 1, 2023

Let the Animals Live, Israel


We recently connected with Let The Animals Live, Israel.  After more than three weeks of fighting, they continue their work for the animals in the south. Last week they started distributing animal food to feeders in the north. Yael Arkin CEO of Let the Animals Live stresses the animals need us all to rally and help right now.

Live the animals live FB post:

Dror was murdered at the nature party in Reim and he is 30 years old.
He adopted Ryder, his dog, years ago and they were so close. Now, Ryder is having trouble leaving his grave. We send our condolences and a big hug to the Bhatt family and Ryder💔

Update October 23, 2023

Animals Of War Update

Helping innocent dogs and cats of the Israel & Hamas war


Dear Supporters,

We are sending a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have donated or shared our campaign. ❤Your love and compassion for animals have allowed us to provide funds to the rescues that are boots on the ground urgently moving the animals to safe places during this unfathomable war.

We are in contact daily with Sulala’s translator Annaelies. She has informed us that Sulala’s rescue, one of the very few rescues in Gaza, has miraculously led 540 dogs and approximately 120 cats to South Gaza out of harm’s way. The cats are placed inside two rented apartments and the dogs are outside.

They can only do this because of generous donors like YOU!

South Gaza does have stores open so they can get supplies. This is some of the food they purchased a few days ago.

It is understood 20 truckloads were brought in for humanitarian aid but she tells us much more is needed.

At this time, we are continuing to help Sulala Animal Rescue and others who despite being up against all odds are continuing to work to help the dogs and cats suffering with nowhere to go and nothing to eat.

Can you help us help them with as little as $2.00?
All donations are tax-deductible as authorized by law. EIN# 88-3617975
Thank you if you can help! 🙏

Please know there are only a few organizations in Gaza that rescue animals. We are working with some of the strongest people who are feeding and working to protect the animals.

We can only help with your donations. If you can help us save them, please click the red button below.


For help with innocent dogs and cats of the Hamas & Israel war.

Dear Supporters,
Animal Victory is connected with people and organizations who are working to help the dogs and cats suffering from the war.

We are getting urgent requests for funds to assist them with rescuing and feeding the dogs and cats. We are told countless cats and dogs have been left alone, hurt, hungry, and desperate for help.

We are rushing funds to them now and working with their translators to stay informed.
We need donations to help the rescuers and as little as $2.00 helps!

Thank you to all who can help!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

There is not much we can do from so far away, but we can certainly help them by sending donations and supplies when needed.
If you would like to donate to buy food and supplies please do so here.

Remember, $2.00 will help. 🙏

Please know that so many are impacted by this war.😢

We are committed to maintaining a steadfast connection with them throughout these harrowing times and promise to diligently work to provide the necessary funds and supplies to support them.

The animals that survive will need food, water, and shelter.


They are all in need of food and water or medical care.

Please don’t turn your back on them.😢




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