Below are some of the organizations and individuals that have been beneficiaries of  Projects or Campaigns.

Please contact us for a complete list.

The following organizations have been beneficiaries of Animal Victory Projects & Campaigns

Sunburst Foundation of
Wilmington Canine Rescue
Villalobos Rescue Center
Dumas Rescue
Cat Adoption Team
American Legal Defense
Franklin County Humane
Dixie Dogs and Cats
Ontario County Humane
Society- Happy Tails
Mutt Misfits
Humane Society of LA
Goathouse Refugee
The Kris Kelly Foundation
People For Animals Of India
Basic Needs Foundation
Fort Worth Abandoned
Animal Alliance
Texas Humane Legislation
Furever Bully Love Rescue
A Purposeful Rescue
Sassee Tonya Walker
John Hickey, Seattle
Unchain Mobile, D. Todd Grier
Sanctuary Outreach Advocacy
Spay, Neuter, Intervention
Project, SNIP
The Humane Society for
Tacoma County
Fort Worth Abandoned Animal
Adams County Pet Rescue
Missing Pet Recovery
Harmony Vet Center
True Rescue
Lucky’s Cat House
Crime Stoppers of Miami-Dade and The Florida Keys
Niagara Spca
The Cat House on the kings
National Link Coalition
GreenPoint Cats
Tennessee K9 Haven
Little Wanderers NYC

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