Providing Relief For Animals In Disastrous Situations

The overall objectives of Animal Victory’s program are accomplished through the complementary integration of various projects.


Meet the team.

We are the individuals driving our business. We prioritize people, animals, and the planet over profits. We strive to create a world where all animals are respected and treated humanely. Why? Because we are compassionate and cannot stand idly by while animals suffer or face abuse.

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Meet The Board Members

These are the people who articulate our organization’s goals & means. They determine which organizations are consistent with the organization’s mission and monitor their effectiveness. In addition to adherence to legal standards and ethical norms, they help secure adequate resources for the organization to fulfill its mission.

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Animal Victory

A compassionate advocacy group fighting animal abusers through petitions.

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Animal Victory Disaster & Abuse Fund (AVADF) is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization All donations for these projects are tax-deductible as authorized by law. EIN# 88-3617975

The primary mission of AVADF is to help animals suffering from natural disasters and other crisis.