Update: 10/18/2022

Animal Victory is currently working with a few organizations to rush food to starving cats in Ukraine. Supply stores have been destroyed and access to basic needs like food for pets can’t be found. Ukrainians are struggling to feed them. We are rushing to supply as much food as possible for as many animals in need but we can’t do it without your help.

As little as $2.00 helps us build up the fund to provide nutritious meals for starving cats.

Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

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Update: 10/18/2022

Thank you, wonderful supporters! Once again Animal Victory currently found and worked with these two credible amazing organizations to continue the animal rescue work in Ukraine.

ASSERT: Drone Animal Rescue

Animal Victory and ASSERT are great allies. We work together on many disasters.

Below are photos of some of their amazing rescues as they repeatedly go back to Ukraine to rescue.

Transform a Street Dog

This amazing organization continues with trips to Ukraine to rescue the animals.

Transform A Street Dog Writes: “This dog was evacuated during the active invasion of Kyiv. She was evacuated to our kennel near the Polish border and is still waiting to find her home! If you are interested in adopting, please contact us!”

Transform A Street Dog Writes: “A few days ago we posted about this abandoned dog Rocky at a gas station on the border of Hungary and Ukraine. He looks like a Yellow Lab. We couldn’t just let him live on the sidewalk like this through the winter! So our volunteer Rick drove our van to pick him up to our Stryi peretrymka and then he brought him to a lady in Kyiv! She fell in love with Rocky and wanted to adopt him ❤️”

Update: 03/21/2022

Thank you, wonderful supporters!

Animal Victory has been able to work with and send funds to the following nine shelters and organizations because of you.  


Team UAnimals does fantastic every day: financially helping shelters, donating feed to eco-parks and zoos, trying to evacuate animals and their humans.

Poznan Zoo

Poland Zoo Poznan is DIRECTLY in place and assisting the Kiev Zoo animals. They are requesting support. They have already started sending in supplies for the Kiev zoo. This is official from environmental protection from Wrocław.

The Harmony Fund

Laura Simpson, the founder, tells us helping the animals of war is such a complicated mission, simply because of the obstacles of safe passage and safe delivery of supplies. She is working with a wide international network to try to do everything within her power to continue to help.

Shelter Ugolyok: Animal Rescue and Farm Sanctuary,

Casa luiPatrocle – Animal Rescue

Claires Shelter

Cat Cafe Lviv

Andrea Cisternino

Follow Andrea on FB for current information. https://www.facebook.com/andrea.cisternino.37

(Please click here to read updated information about Andrea Cisternino. His situation is dire and funds will be needed.)  

Donations for Andrea and his 400 animals at the sanctuary can be made via wire or PayPal using this link. http://www.rifugioitaliakj2.org/donazioni/

If you would like to send a donation please click here:


News from Uanimals:

MAR 17, 2022 AT 5:10 PM

The war of the Ukrainian people against the Russian invaders has been going on for more than three weeks. We believe that our victory is getting closer every day and we continue to save lives in the conditions of war.

Today a new consignment of humanitarian aid arrived at our warehouse – 22 pallets of animal food arrived from Hungary. In the near future, we will deliver this food across Ukraine.

We would like to thank the S. Prytula Foundation, whose representatives have agreed to give us all the humanitarian aid for animals they will receive. Today we received 430 kg of pet food, leashes, clothes for animals, and even a folding enclosure for dogs from them.

The UAnimals team continues to help all institutions where animals are kept. Today we provided 30 000 UAH of help to the Nikolaev zoo which is in a zone of shelling. Also during the day, we sent financial assistance to 15 shelters, mini-shelters, and home-type shelters.

The UAnimals volunteer team sees and hears everyone who comes to us with requests for help and offers to help. We are grateful to everyone who remains indifferent to the fate of animals during wartime. By working together, we can save many lives, because every life is important 💙💛

MAR 16, 2022 AT 4:02 PM

The atrocities of the Russian occupiers in Ukraine have been going on for three weeks now. We are fighting with the consequences of the invaders, trying to save as many lives as possible.

Today UAnimals provided financial aid for the Kyiv Hippodrome, which has difficulties with keeping animals.

Our driver delivered 1.5 tons of fodder to Poltava region. We distributed nutrition among everyone who needed it. A new consignment of humanitarian aid has also arrived in Lviv, which includes various feeds with a total weight of 1.8 tons. Tomorrow this aid will go to other Ukrainian cities.

Traditionally, today we have helped many Ukrainian shelters, mini-shelters, and home-type shelters financially.

And as always, sharing inspiring news! Our team member, volunteer, the organizer of the March for Animal Rights in Poltava, Luda Khomenko gave birth to a baby today!

Our team sincerely congratulates her on this wonderful event and wishes the child to grow up under a peaceful sky in care and comfort.

Inspired by such an event, we continue to fight and save animals, because every life is important.

Ukraine will resist 🇺🇦

MAR 15, 2022 AT 4:40 PM

For 20 days now, our country has been suffering from the atrocities of the Russian occupiers. Despite the fatigue and all the risks, animal rights activists continue to do everything possible to help animals.

Today, UAnimals team provided financial assistance to a number of shelters to help them keep animals.

Today in Kyiv, our volunteers distributed food to citizens who do not have the opportunity to buy food for their pets.

Also, our team of volunteers is preparing to evacuate animals from the blocked shelters, which is located in the combat zone.

We are in constant contact with various institutions for keeping animals. Today we spoke with representatives of the “Askania Nova” reserve in the Kherson region. Askania currently has enough fodder for several weeks. The shelling did not affect the territory of the reserve, but access to it is still limited.

We have amazing news for you. The Gostomel shelter, which was blocked, was finally helped by a generator. We did not manage to break into the shelter for a long time, but today 78-year-old Valery Mykolayevych Serpynsky, the husband of the owner of the institution, performed a real feat and brought a generator that will allow getting water to the shelter. Together with him, he handed over 70 liters of gasoline, 500 kg of dog food, and some food for the shelter staff. This will help the residents of the shelter to survive.

MAR 14, 2022 AT 5:09 PM

UAnimals volunteers continue to do their best to help animals during fierce Russian aggression.

Humanitarian aid with food for cats arrived in Kyiv, BilaTserkva, and KryvyiRih today. Feed was distributed between shelters and mini-shelters. In Kyiv, food was distributed to citizens, who needed it.

UAnimals team provided Kharkiv Zoo with 100,000 UAH for keeping animals. In addition, we transferred funds to the Kharkiv League Of Animal Protection for purchasing feed from mini-shelters in Kharkiv.

Every day we compete for the lives of every animal in danger.

Thanks to your support, the dedication of the volunteers, and the perseverance of our team, we are succeeding. We are grateful for everyone who supports us in this difficult time and for everyone who cares about animals. We wish you a quiet night, Ukraine will resist 🇺🇦

  • MAR 13, 2022 AT 5:38 PM
  • The 18th day of the full-scale war in Ukraine is coming to an end and we are finishing the calendar week in these difficult conditions. We decided to prepare an animal rescue report for this week.
  • We coordinated the supply of animal food to Iryna Dobrolyubova’s shelter in Kyiv. In addition, they received a large batch of wet food for cats, part of which was distributed among the shelters, and the rest was allocated for the needs of citizens (you can find the details in our previous post).
  • We bought another 1.5 tons of animal food today and sent it to Poltava region. We also sent food to Kyiv, Kryvyi Rih, and Bila Tserkva.

A joint effort of volunteers from Koncha Zaspa saved Shani the tigress. Now she is on her way to a specialized institution in Poland. Popova saved a tiger from KonchaZaspa using this cage. On photo tiger just sleep 🙂

During the week:

4 days ago we performed a small miracle – we helped with the evacuation of 60 cats of the “I want a cat shelter” abroad. And today another 70 cats from Iryna Dobrolyubova’s shelter went to Warsaw.

  • During these 7 days assistance was provided to more than 50 shelters and mini-shelters in Kyiv and more than a hundred animal shelters throughout Ukraine.
  • During this period, we provided financial assistance in the amount of UAH 850,000
  • We have processed more than 8,000 applications this week. Every day we make hundreds of calls to coordinate those who can help and those who need help. We see and hear everybody, and we are grateful to everyone who remains indifferent to the fate of our friends.
  • Thanks to the joint efforts of volunteers and concerned citizens, we save hundreds of lives every day. After all, every life is important.

  • MAR 12, 2022
  • The UAnimals team, together with all people concerned, continues to do everything possible to save animals during wartime.
  • Today a driver of UAnimals delivered 2.5 tons of animal food to Kharkiv for the needs of the city’s shelters. In addition, our car did not go back empty: our people managed to take two dachshunds with them. The dogs were locked in a Kharkiv apartment for a long time without access to water and food. Now the dogs are going to Lviv.
  • Right now, a 7 tons batch of animal food is heading to KryvyiRih.
  • Also, thanks to the efforts of our volunteers, a cage to evacuate the lion Ruru from Gostomel was constructed. Unfortunately, due to active warfare on the location, it is impossible to evacuate the lion at the moment, yet the head of the “Wildlife Shelter” Natalia Popova saved a tiger from KonchaZaspa using this cage. On photo tiger just sleep 🙂

MAR 11, 2022 AT 3:26 PM

The 16th day of the war against Ukraine is coming to an end, shelling and blockade of peaceful Ukrainian cities continue, so the UAnimals team keeps on helping animals in an intensified mode.

Today, thanks to our partners, we were able to buy some hay and fodder for 20 horses in the Rodeo Equestrian Club in Kyiv. Financial aid was also sent for purchasing pet food for the «Uholok» home shelter. In addition to cats and dogs, there currently are cows, horses, sheep, goats, rabbits, pigs, ostriches, and other animals.

Today, a large consignment of fodder arrived at our warehouse, which will soon be sent to shelters in regions with active shelling. Most of the feed is already on its way to Kyiv and Kharkiv.

In addition, our team helps in preparing the evacuation of animals together with the “Animal Rescue Kharkiv”.

Today, our organization provided financial aid to 14 shelters, including shelters in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Severodonetsk, Kramatorsk, and even in occupied Kherson.

Ukrainians are extraordinary! In difficult times, we continue to be inspired by the stories of our fellow citizens who, despite all the difficulties, do not abandon their friends and give all their strength and resources to help animals.

Special inspiration for the whole team was the story of Anastasia — the girl from the photo, who brought out of the occupied Irpen more than 20 dogs, some of whom had disabilities. We admire so much self-sacrifice, heroism, and boundless love that overcomes all the forces of evil.

Therefore, we also continue to save animals of all species, breeds and colors, because everyone deserves to live! 🇺🇦

News from The Harmony Fund

Feldman Ecopark depicts the love between the animals and caregivers. This wildlife center is in a particularly dangerous spot and has suffered deaths of animals and staff from bombings.

Ugolyok farm sanctuary in Ukraine and depicts volunteers rescuing dogs left behind by fleeing refugees.

Volunteers inside Ukraine are the most extraordinary heroes- risking their lives to rescue abandoned pets like these.

Abandoned Ukraine dog goes into foster care with Harmony Fund

Food provided via Harmony Fund to animals at the Feldman Ecopark in Ukraine

Funds for food donated to Ugolyok farm sanctuaries in Ukraine

Supplies brought to refugees crossing into Romania via Fundatia Sky and Harmony Fund

Our teammates at Fundatia Sky in Romania just delivered another 3 tons of food to refugees with pets thanks to HARMONY FUND’s wonderful supporters. They distributed the food to two collection points at Siret, which is on the border with Ukraine and overflowing with refugees’ animals who need help.
Volunteers have been assigned to give one bag of food to each person with a pet and to also use some food to feed wandering animals who appear to have been left there by families fleeing Ukraine. Unfortunately, this week, the team in Romania has already rescued 3 animals pitched out of moving cars, one with Ukrainian plates threw their dog out the window (without slowing down) right before our team’s eyes. The two dogs and one cat are now recovering at the shelter.
“We left our contact details for the refugees (at the relief centers) so they will not abandon their pets on the side of the road,” Mariana at Fundatia Sky explained.

Harmony Fund and Fundatia Sky are planning continued relief for the animals at the border and we are waiting for a temporary cease-fire so that we can bring large trucks full of food into the heart of Ukraine. At the moment, partners there are cautioning us that drivers with relief supplies will be fired on by Russian forces, and sadly, there have been more mortalities this week of volunteers attempting to bring food to the animals.

“Unfortunately, nobody can safely enter Ukraine still,” Mariana explained. “A car that wanted to enter the country to retrieve children has been attacked immediately and all 3 people inside the car have been murdered.”

During these horrible times, we will continue our efforts to help as many as we can. And next week, we’ll share some photos from the Feldman Ecopark where we sent $9,500 to buy generators, fuel, drinking water, and 2 weeks’ worth of food for thousands of animals. They are under direct attack and indescribably grateful to all of you who are making this mission possible. Because of you, thousands of animals will not go hungry.


In today’s post about our ongoing relief efforts to help the animals of Ukraine, we share the story of one rescuer named Viktoriya.

“Russian soldiers occupied our city,” Viktoriya Pride said. “Killing civilians, shooting cars on the roads. Yesterday I plucked up courage and went to the city center to show you our flags, and today we are sitting in a shelter because all day our city is being shelled from rockets, cannons, machine guns. Our animals are running out of food and we apologize for the help! Due to the situation on the roads, volunteers who collect and send food to animals in Ukraine all over Europe cannot send food to dogs in our city due to the occupation. But we can buy at least something in local stores and somehow feed the pets. we do not forgive ourselves personally, we will endure everything and will stand to the end! but we are talking about helping our animals, please, 5 euros or 5 dollars means nothing to you, but for us in total it is help. “

Harmony Fund sent funds to Viktoriya a few days ago and we’d like to send more now.

Darkness has fallen and we must puncture it with points of light. May peace arrive soon.
Harmony Fund has provided extensive help and care to animal shelters in Ukraine for years, and now, we are called upon to provide emergency aid in the wake of war.
Here’s What We Must Do: Aid is being gathered and dispatched to animal shelters in Ukraine. We’re beginning by providing aid directly to our past partners with whom we have a trusted relationship, but we are investigating ways to help smaller shelters as well. For the moment, our aid begins with help for:
  • Friend Shelter in Dnepr City is a refuge for several hundred dogs.
  • Ugolyok farm rescue has three shelters in Kherson, Dnepr City, and Nikolaev. Those places are home to well over 600 farm and companion animals.
  • SOS Kiev gives shelter in the city to hundreds of cats and dogs who have nowhere to go.
  • Small shelters coming soon. We will be sending aid to smaller shelters in the near future

Our History in Ukraine

Over the years, we have helped these rescue centers in many ways including:

  • We helped the SOS Kiev shelter on numerous occasions with large donations for food and vet care.
  • We also helped SOS Kiev to hire a security guard after arson attempts.
  • We sponsored surgeries for two of their workers who were run down by a car and unable to walk.
  • We helped Friend Shelter with a generous grant to buy the land for their current shelter, helping generations of animals.
  • We helped Friend Shelter with funds to buy a tractor to clear snow during winter so volunteers could reach the shelter during winter storms.
  • We helped Ugolyok Shelter in 2021 with an emergency grant to rescue a large number of pigs who now live peacefully, safe from slaughter.

More Details Below

Conversations from the Front Line:

There is so much going on and news is breaking by the minute, but here are excerpts from a few recent conversations…

A Race to Get Supplies

“Just got off the phone with Tamara,” Tomi Tomek, partner to SOS Kiev said days before the war broke out. “The situation for animals and humans in Kiev and Ukraine is grave. People are all running to the stores to buy anything they can find. We don’t know what Putin and his army will do tomorrow and in the coming days. Everybody is scared. Prices in stores are rising, dog and cat food are becoming scarce and very expensive. Donors won’t give money because they’re afraid the Tamara shelter will close its doors. But she’s gonna stay there. She tells me she can’t abandon animals and people and even her family calls her crazy and naive. But she is a true animal protector with all her heart and courage. Tamara needs our help.”

They’re Now Hiding in the Basement

Photo of Alexandra prior to the war

Alexandra’s daughter at the sanctuary

“I was just speaking with Alexandra Levitska at Ugolyok Shelter,” Harmony Fund Founder Laura Simpson said. “She was hiding in her basement with her very young daughter who suffers from autism and many, many dogs. Her association has three shelters for hundreds and hundreds of horses, cows, pigs, sheep, donkeys, dogs, and cats. The workers are with the animals at each location, but they are all afraid. Naturally, some of the animals won’t eat. Alexandra said that supplies are getting more expensive and more dangerous to get. Our conversation ended on such an unsettling note as I asked her to please, please stay safe. As a mother and a rescuer, I can’t imagine what it must be like to be in her shoes right now. Thank God all the world has eyes on Ukraine, and together, we can try to provide some measure of comfort.”

Hanging in There

“Sirens in city interrupt ongoing work in a shelter,” Marina Dilly, Founder of the Friend Shelter explains. “We are stressed, dogs feel it, they fight. They are too many as we were not able to do a rotation before we accepted a lot from streets and from vet hospitals that all got closed. We are scared, but we are okay. At the shelter, we have food for dogs for a week. Big shortage of cat food, but we are looking for it. The shortage of wood can’t be solved now. We manage. We do have a well, so in the worst scenario, dogs will have water. We have electricity generators thanks to your help. The main shortage now is space. But about that nobody can help us. Please trust me, I will stay here with the animals. All souls who had home offers will reach homes sooner or later. But meanwhile all planned transports are canceled. I can’t deliver animals to ANY border. Hugs from Ukraine. Hugs from me. From all my hundreds of furry souls.”

UPDATE 3/1/2022

Thank you, supporters!

We are working and will continue working as quickly as possible to wire donated funds to our partner organization in Ukraine. We just started communications and wiring funds to a rescue in Poland and one zoo in Poland as well.

Funds from Uanimals have been donated to feed animals in the following shelters: For refugees in the Russian shelling zone, this is an opportunity for survival.

• Sirius
• Pitbull
• The home of the rescued animals
• I will never ever leave you
• New Kakhovka
• Chance Kherson
• Stuffed buns
• Good place to stay
• Home for the old folks
• Friend
• Masik
• Zoo platform
• Good home
• Fry
• Shelter J
• Love and affection
• Koto House

They are telling us the situation is extremely difficult. Shelters are left without money, feed, even water. They have to react as fast as possible because the feed is limited. Unfortunately, the logistics of aid from Europe are very difficult.

Animal Victory is working to rush funds to help these agencies provide whatever is necessary for their survival.

Animal Transportation

The rules of transporting animals by railway are somewhat soft at the moment. Animals are allowed in bomb shelters. Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary are allowed to let pets in even without proper documentation.

Sirens in city interrupt ongoing work in a shelter,” Marina Dilly, Founder of the Friend Shelter explains. “We are stressed, dogs feel it, they fight. They are too many as we were not able

Sirens in city interrupt ongoing work in a shelter,” Marina Dilly, Founder of the Friend Shelter explains. “We are stressed, dogs feel it, they fight. They are too many as we were not able

In the past few days, the UZ has evacuated more than 11 thousand animals – mainly cats and dogs.

Several rescued lions are being transported to Europe from the wildlife shelter near Kyiv. Hopefully, the road will be safe.

For as long as it takes, we will raise funds to rush aid to those who are being impacted by the war in Ukraine!


Dear Supporter,

Five days ago Russia attacked Ukraine.

Animals in shelters and farms are on the brink of death because of Russian aggression, and a lack of funds for treatment, food, and care. Animal shelters are inundated with pets who could not leave the country with owners who are fleeing for their life!

Animal Victory is affiliated with organizations that are urgently helping animals in Ukraine, Poland, and Romania. We will work to rush funds to help these agencies provide food and care to animals in shelters and rehabilitation centers.

Besides the huge financial problem in shelters, other issues include:
1. Animals are dying from loud shell explosions.
2. In many cities, stores and supplier bases are closing.
3. Several shelters have lost power and are struggling for water.

How You Can Help!

Your Donation Of Just $2.00 Will Allow Us All To Work Together And Help These Animals During this Unfathomable Crisis.

Social media images show the shocking impact of war as people try to cross the border with their pets.

Revealing that Ukrainians choose life and only go to war to protect their loved ones and their homeland.

The Ukrainian Army Is Exemplary!

The World Is Aghast!

We Are Facing This Together!

For as long as it takes, we will raise funds to rush aid to those who are being impacted by the war in Ukraine!


One Sweet Story

The military explained that wolves are defenders who are not worried about themselves. One very special wolf, who was at risk of getting hurt, was taken to a safer place and now he even has a girlfriend.

Your Donation Of Just $2.00 Will Allow Us All To Work Together And Help These Animals During this Unfathomable Crisis.

People and Animals In Ukraine Need All Of Us!


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