Dogs and Cats of the Homeless




Dogs and Cats of the homeless🎄🕎🪔

Really,🥰we couldn’t decide who should make the cover photo so we picked them both.

Hello Supporters!

Your response to our request for Love Bags was overwhelming! We started the project in 2020. In 2021 we took the project on again, not knowing how well it would be received. Hoping for the best, we asked you to help us once again and you did! You bombarded us with donations, comments, and love. Every donation for a Love Bag and every comment that came through reminded us of how fortunate we are to have you by our side.

We were thrilled to be able to work with two expert non-profit organizations, Lori Rich from Taking it to the Streets with Lori and Shira, and Adams County Pet Rescue, who work on a day-to-day basis with people on the streets and/or homeless shelters/camps and their pets. Because of you, these agencies were able to provide hundreds of items in need for people and their pets living on the streets or in homeless camps this holiday season. You also provided thousands of dollars in much-needed veterinary services.

We have so much fun working on this project and we could not have succeeded without you! 


Please know how much love, and necessary care you have brought to so many people and their pets living on the streets.


For the second consecutive year

Animal Victory is providing Holiday “Love Bags”💖 for the dogs and cats of the homeless.💕

Love bags cost $30.00 each and include some of the following; dog and cat food, snacks, pet toys, harnesses for walking, bowls, blankets, socks, hats, raincoats, and leash leads. Additional funds are used for veterinary care and larger items to protect pets, such as tents, tarps, pet strollers, sleeping bags, and camp pillows.

Some of what we learned about the pets of homeless people.

“It may not be the lap of luxury, but the lap of a homeless person is one that’s available 24/7 for their pet. In return, the person without a home gets unconditional love, and on those cold nights on the streets, even shared bodily warmth. In fact, the pet’s love for its owner may be the only true love they have in their life. It can give them purpose, and with that comes a desire to be there to care for their pet. It can even make the difference for a person to choose sobriety over being in an altered state of mind from drugs or alcohol.” Mark Goldstein, DVM. Doctor Goldstein has also encountered many “street people” using what precious few dollars they have to seek veterinary care for their beloved pets before they would spend it on themselves.

Just $30.00 pays for one Love Bag, but as little as $2.00 helps. 🎁🙏

Can you chip in $2.00 towards a Love bag for the pets?

Please click the red button below if you can help us this holiday season.

Thanks to last year’s compassionate supporters, we were able to provide over 100 love bags, multiple large items, and much-needed veterinary care.

PLEASE open your hearts this year and help us with Love Bags. Volunteers are waiting anxiously to deliver the bags.💗


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